State Action for Healthy Soils


The field is growing quickly…

In 2018, there were bills in 3 states; New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

In 2019 thus far there are bills in at least these 9 states;

  • Connecticut (HB6647) latest proposed language adds definition for “healthy soils practices” and sets up fund for programs.

  • Illinois (SB1980/HB2737, HB2819) adds definition for “soil health”, and includes in soil and water conservation districts law; (HB2819) allows Dept. of Natural Resources to require soil health requirements in leases of state land.

  • Iowa (HSB 78, HF 102) provides for tax exemption for planting cover crops; (HF 102) provides "for a statewide soil resource health and recovery monitoring system”

  • Massachusetts (SD1438/HD3065) adds definition for “healthy soils practices” and sets up fund for programs, adds expert on healthy soils practices to food policy council.

  • Nebraska (LB243, LB283, LB729) (LB243) creates Soil Health Task Force; (LB283) funding for creation of climate action plan, including through improvements to soil health; (LB729) provides incentives for cover crops.

  • New Mexico (SB218, HB204) sets up healthy soils program.

  • New York (A02718) provides tax exemption for carbon farming, with exemption based upon the economic value of carbon sequestered.

  • Oregon (HB2020) sets up cap-and-invest, allowing funding of agricultural sequestration of carbon.

  • Washington (SB 5947/HB 2095) sets up sustainable farm and field program.