Soil Carbon Champions

We went to our network of soil carbon experts and asked them to nominate one person or one group that they felt was really helping advance the field. Here are some of the nominated soil carbon champions. We have included links to their work where possible. We have not vetted these groups but share them with you as those nominated by others. Thanks to all those out there working to advance this field. If you would like to nominate someone for this list, please click here.



Recommended by Noah Deich, Center for Carbon Removal

Annie’s has a long history of supporting soil health through organic agriculture. Building on the strong foundation of organic, they’re helping advance regenerative practices that build soil health, foster above ground biodiversity, and promote resilient farm communities. Focusing on measurable outcomes, They’re working to elevate regenerative agriculture through their products and partnerships.


Purity Gachanga

Recommended by Margarita Astralaga, International Fund for Agricultural Development

on her 4-acre farm on the foothills of Mount Kenya in Embu county, 65-year-old Purity Gachanga proves it is possible to fight eroding soils, enrich farmland, and increase and diversify food production.

What’s more, she shares her methods with 60 women making up a ‘merry-go-round’ group that meet regularly in her front garden. They each contribute a small sum of money which forms their communal savings system.


David Hardwick

Recommended by Gerry Gillespie, Returning Organics to Soils

David is an agroecologist with over 20 years of experience in farming and food systems. He develops and delivers many of the extension projects for Soil Land Food. He worked in community development and then horticulture before completing a dairy traineeship on an organic dairy in NSW. Since then he has had a wide ranging career working in both management and technical roles. These include Landcare extension, agronomy, soils, agribusiness, biofertiliser R&D and manufacturing, organics, training, and consulting positions. For many years he helped run a regional food-based business with his wife. He has also worked on a number of rural cooperative and social enterprise projects. He has a degree in Ecological Agriculture from the University of Sydney, a Diploma in Agribusiness and a CIV in Training & Assessment. David also teaches soils, organic agriculture and agroecology at TAFE NSW on a part time casual basis. David’s passion is agroecology and empowering farmers with knowledge and skills that make a difference!


Walter Jehne

Recommended by Sally Dodge, Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT

Walter is a soil microbiologist with over 40 years research and practical experience in managing soil microbial ecologies to enhance the productivity of low input bio-systems via the regeneration of the natural carbon and nutritional dynamics of soils. Specifically how we can practically draw down some 20 billion tonnes of carbon annually from the air back into our soils globally to rehydrate bio-systems and safely cool regional and the global climate. As a founding director of Healthy Soils Australia we have worked closely for over 10 years with leading innovative farmers in Australia on practical commercial strategies that demonstrate such outcomes and their extension in regenerating broadacre grazing, cropping and shelterwood systems. In association with our National Soils Advocate and Soils for Life we have helped catalyse policy changes to foster the commercial pricing of carbon and incentives for grassroots action to achieve such drawdown and negative carbon targets in Australia and globally.


Louisa Kiely

Recommended by Matthew Warnken, Corporate Carbon

Louisa is the director of Carbon Farmer of Australia and a woolgrower in Wellington MSW. She has a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics from the University of New England. She studied for the Advance Diploma of Farm Management at Sydney University (Orange), trained in Holistic Management. She has developed the “CarbonCredited™” brand for wool and is currently recruiting woolgrowers into this emissions reduction program. As director of Carbon Farmers of Australia, she was a part of a consortium of 3 companies which developed the first Soil Carbon Methodology submitted to the Carbon farming Initiative process. Carbon farmers of Australia also offers farm ready training in Carbon Farming and Trading.


Dena Leibman

Recommended by Meredith Girard, Town Creek Foundation

Dena’s commitment to conservation and sustainable agriculture has propelled her through a long career in wildlife biology, publications, and managerial positions in communications. She is now Executive Director of Future Harvest – Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, a farmer-based nonprofit working to advance sustainable agriculture in the lower MidAtlantic. Dena is also co-owner of ZigBone Farm Retreat, a 100-acre sheep and goat farm and naturally built retreat center.


Marin Agricultural Land Trust

Recommended by Whendee Silver, University of California, Berkeley

The first farmland trust in the nation, MALT was founded in 1980 by a coalition of environmentalists and ranchers to protect the future of farming in Marin County from mounting pressures for development. To date, MALT has protected more than 54,000 acres of Marin farmland, forever. MALT’s model of using conservation easements to prevent development has been replicated to save family farms all over the country.