From 2009 - 2012, there was palpable silence on the climate issue in the U.S.  We decided that this had to change.  We assembled climate communications experts and developed a guide and communications training program to help candidates for local and federal office as well as private and public sector leaders effectively talk about the threat of climate change and the promise of clean energy. We commissioned polling and developed an evidence-based core messaging triangle designed to appeal to sympathetic but unengaged citizens. The original guide and our communications training sessions have received rave reviews from journalists, organizations, and elected officials. Messaging that strongly paralleled those detailed in our training program were invoked during President Obama’s Democratic Convention, Inaugural, and State of The Union addresses. Our original guide has been updated based on more recent polling and survey research.

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Climate Communication guide

This user-friendly playbook provides a messaging triangle that empowers climate leaders to address the urgency of the climate threat and the promise of bold climate solutions.

A must-read for those who, like me, believe in coherent narratives.
— Joe Romm, Climate Progress blogger, Author of How to Engage and Win the Conversation on Climate and Clean Energy