Leaders and Networks

Breakthrough Strategies is dedicated to building and supporting networks of diverse and talented leaders.  We believe the times call out for nimble, adaptive leaders who work seamlessly together across sectors, geographies, and with the wisdom of highly diverse backgrounds and skill sets.  Towards this end, we have prioritized three groups to date:


The Young climate leaders network

The Young Climate Leaders Network is an informal network of leaders dedicated to solving the climate crisis. From 2012 - 2018, we convened and managed three cohorts of the Young Climate Leaders Network. The participants included elected officials, community organizers, national environmental leaders, clean energy business champions, farmers, labor leaders, faith advocates, and artists. We held three convenings for each cohort with programatic material focused on skills development, strategic alignment and relationship/network building at the deepest level. Several projects emerged from this network including Sunrise and their Green New Deal Tour.

The Young Climate Leaders Program is currently on hold but we are exploring ways to continue the initiative.

Sunrise Movement would not have happened without the Young Climate Leaders Network
— Will Lawrence, Sunrise Co-Founder


Regenerative Agriculture Advocates

Since 2015, BSS has worked to build networks of farmers, NGO leaders, government officials, investors, and other stakeholders dedicated to scaling regenerative agriculture in the United States and globally.  We convened a highly participatory retreat just outside of Paris in 2017 with over 200 diverse stakeholders from over 35 countries. This helped us go on to sustain a global network and listserv that continues to explore the key challenges and opportunities in the field. We also established a separate online network of advocates interested in advancing state policies in support of healthy soils and soil carbon sequestration.  This network and leadership building continues.

Betsy Taylor has been extremely supportive and helpful as we’ve worked to advance healthy soils
and soil carbon sequestration through agriculture in California.
— Jenny Lester Moffitt, Deputy Secretary of Food and Agriculture, California

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Global Women

Since 2013, we have been informally supporting a network of women climate champions, helping to design and plan retreats and to create forums for strategic engagement. We believe women from all backgrounds have a unique role to play in helping us face and confront our planetary emergency and to advance a more peaceful, equitable, and sustainable future for all.