Our clients support a range of organizations. Here are some of our recent grantees.

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Better Future Project

We support The Better Future Project in advancing work on divestment from fossil fuels and to build stronger grassroots support for bold action in support of clean energy in Massachusetts


California Climate and Agriculture Network

We support California Climate and Agriculture Network to advance programs and policy concepts in support of regenerative agriculture and healthy soils.

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Carbon 180

We support Carbon 180’s work to promote positive action at the state level in support of agricultural solutions to climate change

Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance

Our work with Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance helped launch a new effort to capture food waste for compost and carbon sequestration.


Chesapeake Climate Action Network

We support Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s work to advance clean energy and accelerate the phase out of fossil fuels in the mid-Atlantic area.


Future Harvest/Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

We support their work to promote regenerative agriculture in the Delmarva Peninsula


Georgia WAND Education Fund

We support Georgia WAND’s work to address the environmental and racial justice impacts of the Savannah River plutonium production plant in South Carolina.


Global Zero

We support Global Zero’s international peace and nuclear disarmament campaign

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Green America

We support Green America’s Soil Carbon Farming Innovation Network and its efforts to galvanize supply chains in support of regenerative agriculture.


Groundswell International

We support this international initiative to empower women farmers in West Africa working to build healthy soils and improve food security for their families.


Kiss the Ground

We support Kiss the Ground’s work to communicate success stories of farmers and ranchers sequestering carbon in soil while achieving many other critical co-benefits.

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Mad Agriculture

We support Mad Agriculture’s work to promote regenerative agriculture in Colorado


Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners

We support Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners with their efforts to advance sustainable, regenerative agriculture in Maine.


National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

We support the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition’s work to develop and build grassroots support for policy proposals that address climate change, food security, rural development, water protection and healthy soils.


Savannah River Watch

We support their work to monitor the Savannah River plant in Aiken, South Carolina and to support litigation to ensure a proper environmental impact statement for plans to expand plutonium production for nuclear warheads (plutonium pit production.)


Sunrise Movement

We support Sunrise Movement’s youth-led initiative to advance a Green New Deal and bold, equitable solutions to the climate threat.

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Vote Solar

We support Vote Solar’s work to promote community solar programs in the mid-Atlantic region


Women Cross the DMZ

We support this effort at peaceful conflict resolution on the Korean peninsula


Woods Hole Research Center

We support Woods Hole Research Center’s work to more deeply assess and map those areas and global landscapes where soil carbon sequestration has the greatest potential through ecological restoration and changes in agricultural practices.


World Resources Institute

We support World Resources Institute’s efforts to develop federal policy proposals and concepts to address the climate threat with a focus on the role of agriculture.