New to Soil Carbon Sequestration? No problem! We've compiled some of the most accessible videos and articles on SCS practices and benefits here so you can get a grasp of the field. 

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Healthy Soils Brief

We've put together a short brief to answer some of your most basic questions like:

  • Why does the health of our soils matter?

  • What is the current state of our soils health?

  • What are the practices that help sequester carbon in soil

  • What is the potential of agriculture to help us address climate change?

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The Role of Synthetic Fertilizers on Soil Carbon Sequestration

Food  Security, and Healthy Ecosystems:  A Resource List

This list was curated by participants in a global listserv on soil carbon sequestration hosted by Breakthrough Strategies and includes diverse perspectives. It  was sparked by a blog on fertilizer by Bill Gates.

Soil Solutions to Climate Problems

Watch this video produced by the Center for Food Safety for an easy explanation of how we've been destroying our soils, and how we can change our practices to store more carbon and reverse climate change.

Soil Organic Carbon – the treasure beneath our feet

Watch this video for an animated illustration of soil organic carbon and its importance for climate action, food production and sustainable development. Produced by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

No Tillage Is The Future for Food Security in Africa

At the Howard G Buffet Center for No-Till Agriculture in Ghana Dr. Kofi Boa is educating farmers throughout Africa on the many benefits of conservation agriculture. Skip to 2:34 for an explanation of how these practices work.

Sources and Sinks

Sustainable Food Labs produced this video describing  farming methods that reduce emissions and build soil fertility, thereby improving farmer yields and benefiting the planet.

Unlocking the Secrets in the Soil

This seven-part video series explores how an increasing number of farmers are catalyzing greater hope for our future by protecting and restoring our nation’s soils. The video series is designed to help consumers, educators and students understand some of the important principles and practices behind the growing soil health movement.

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A briefing on the global importance of healthy soils

Healthy soils are necessary to produce healthy food and achieve sustainable global food security. They also support the fight against climate change, as they absorb carbon from the air. The U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary has stated that soil health is a priority and invested in programs related to the issue.