Healthy Soils to Cool the Planet

Our firm is focusing intensively on the potential to sequester carbon pollution in soil through regenerative agricultural practices. We have an immediate planetary emergency involving multiple threats: climate disruption, a global water crisis, food insecurity for nearly one billion people, vanishing species, and mass migrations of people in search of basic conditions for survival. Protecting and restoring global soils can help alleviate all of these threats and limit global warming by sequestering carbon emissions and helping us adapt to climate impacts. When we build carbon in agricultural soils through regenerative practices, we achieve extraordinary benefits, for our climate, but also for water conservation, healthy habitats, adaptation, and global food security.

Since 2014, we have commissioned a white paper, convened a global conference of leaders and farmers from thirty-five nations, worked with our philanthropic clients to support cutting-edge organizations, convened briefings and given public presentations, and developed a guide for philanthropy and investment. We are heartened by the rapid growth of this field, yet recognize that to really matter, we must scale up soil carbon sequestration practices and policies extremely rapidly.

We welcome inquiries from prospective domestic and international philanthropic clients with a strong interest in regenerative agriculture and in grant-making to scale carbon sequestration in soils.

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We have just released Healthy Soils to Cool the Planet, a philanthropic and investment guide to scale up soil carbon sequestration. This guide includes basic information on the benefits of healthy soils, a list of regenerative agricultural practices and an extensive portfolio of recommended grantees.



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The field of soil carbon sequestration is growing fast. Not only are farmers storing carbon, they are also seeing higher crop yields.